What is raw feeding?

It is feeding the food your dog or cat was designed by nature to eat – raw meat, bone and offal in the correct ratios to ensure a balanced diet.
There are two ways to achieve this. You can either source your own items and create your own menus within the meat:bone:offal ratio OR there are now a number of pre-prepared complete minced products available, where all the working out has been done for you, and you simply defrost and serve! I stock everything you need for feeding completes or going DIY. Please ask for any help you need in switching over or creating a balanced diet for your dog or cat.

 What are the benefits?

A massive improvement in your pets health! Many of the common health problems encountered by our pets can be attributed to their diet. If your pet suffers from skin problems, is prone to vomiting or diarrhoea, poor appetite, full anal glands, doggy breath, dull coat, excessive moulting, joint problems, flatulence, is over or under weight then a change of diet is well overdue! Not to mention a very noticeable reduction in the amount of poop-scooping required!

Once you have tried feeding a raw diet and seen the improvement in your pets health and vitality, you will never go back!

Storage and handling

All products come frozen and so you will require some freezer space at home. Defrost as required and store any left over food in the fridge, a plastic tub with a lid will be helpful here. Defrosted meat will last for several days in the fridge, and it is perfectly safe to portion up and re-freeze in smaller amounts if you wish. As long as you follow the usual hygiene rules that you would for handling raw meat destined for your own plate, raw dog food does not pose any more danger to you or your family. In fact, raw dog food is more stringently tested for bacteria levels than human food. Just wash your hands and bowls after use with hot soapy water!

Feeding chunks or bones can be a bit messy. My own dogs are fed DIY and always have their meals outside. Alternatively, some people train their dogs to eat on an old towel to confine any mess.