I have been raw feeding my own dogs for a number of years now and is something that I highly reccomend to all dog owners.
I “discovered” raw feeding after I took on Casey, one of my Springer Spaniels. He had been neglected and weighed barely half of what he should. After a long journey of different diets, specialist vets and very expensive medication with serious long-term side-effects, I started researching a raw diet.
I am very pleased to say that Casey is now fighting fit (although his condition can only be controlled and not cured) and all four of my dogs and and the cat are raw fed!

I will never go back to “normal” dog food with all of its undesirable and unnatural ingredients and chemicals.

After a lot of interest from my clients, I now stock a variety of raw dog and cat food from Nutriment and The Dog’s Butcher.
Nutriment is a complete minced product taking away any concern of not feeding a correctly balanced raw diet – simply defrost and serve!
Nutriment is a British company using British human-grade ingredients to create a product that is widely regarded as the gold-standard of prepared raw products.

The range consists of 11 different completes, plain tripe and bones. There is also a dedicated cat range, please let me know if you are interested.

The Dog’s Butcher offers a wide choice of completes, minces, chunks, tripe and bones, for those who wish to go down the DIY route – just as I do for my own dogs.

I also stock a selection of dry and raw frozen treats as well, enabling you to continue natural feeding while spoiling your best friend!

I offer a full advice service on starting a raw diet, whether you decide to DIY or use the complete products.

What is raw feeding?

It is feeding the food your dog or cat was designed by nature to eat – raw meat, bone and offal in the correct ratios to ensure a balanced diet.
There are two ways to achieve this. You can either source your own items and create your own menus within the meat:bone:offal ratio OR there are now a number of pre-prepared complete minced products available, where all the working out has been done for you, and you simply defrost and serve!


What are the benefits?

A massive improvement in your pets health! Many of the common health problems encountered by our pets can be attributed to their diet. If your pet suffers from skin prolems, is prone to vomiting or diarrhoea, poor appetite, full anal glands, doggy breath, dull coat, excessive moulting, joint problems, flatulence, is over or under weight then a change of diet is well overdue! Not to mention a very noticeable reduction in the amount of poop-scooping required!

Once you have tried feeding a raw diet and seen the improvement in your pets health and vitality, you will never go back!